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Friday, February 26, 2010

felties price guidelines

dearest ALL,

some prices' guidelines for the felties here. i'm still busy at my hometown right now, will try my best to upload the catalog for your reference soon.

the items listed below will be expanded from time to time. for example, if there are request for those unlisted item (camera pouch/ pencil case/ etc), i will announce the price update to you!

thanks and regards,
- mommy icha -

  • brooch (ready made) : RM3.50 - RM6.00
  • brooch (customized) : RM4.50 - RM7.00
  • hairpin (per pair): RM5.00 - RM7.00
  • keychain & hp strap (ready made) : RM3.50 - RM6.00
  • keychain & hp strap (customized) : RM4.50 - RM7.00
  • hp pouch (ready made) : RM5.00 - RM7.00
  • hp pouch (customized) : RM6.00 - RM10.00
  • mp3/iPod pouch (ready made) : RM5.50 - RM7.50
  • mp3/iPod pouch (customized) : RM6.00 - RM12.00

*** prices will be based on size and design of the items.
**discounts will be given for bulk orders
*prices above are excluding postage fees

Monday, February 22, 2010

felties are open for orders :-)

hye pals!

as i'll be following my husband to nothern region tomorrow (outstation for site survey) till this thursday, so i'd just did some templates cut-out for today. i'll be sewing all these cuties during the travel (yeap! i'll stay in hotel and hubby will go out to work)

also. my felt crafts now is open for orders. you may choose amongst the existing designs so that they can be remade; or else, you can give me your own design. i'll upload the available felt colors as soon as possible.

here we go..some of my work in progress for today. i shall be updating again soon! (^-^)

from left in clockwise : flowered pincushion, alien handphone pouch, panda flowered handphone pouch, loveliness handphone strap, no-name love keychain, white-haired lil' lion , pink lil' lion, white lil' mouse.

shall you have any inquiries, do drop your question in the chatbox on the leftside of this blog ; or you can email me at

thank you! :-)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

felties done...

amongst my felties project done..

work in progress? i'll be updating 'em tomorrow, inshaALLAH...

Friday, February 19, 2010

new keychains available to grab!


Actually, I managed to sew a few keychains this morning..however, due to 'photo editor' problem, I can only uploaded these two lovely keychains first...


Green Heart Keychain
Size : 2.5" x 2.0" (6cm x 5cm)


Lil' Pink Mouse Keychain
Size : 3" x 3.5" (8cm x 9cm)

owh!! as for the Lil' Pink Mouse..this is the original version (the figurine). So, if you wish to turn it into a brooch / handphone strap / pouch, are welcome. You may also choose if you only want the head :-)

As usual, color is choosable / changeable, and this felties are resizable.

Interested? Do email me at

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Cute Lil' Cub

Happy CNY Everybody!!

I'm actually at my hometown right now. However, still trying to be productive during the break, I'm able to accomplished a sample of figurine for your keychain / handphone charm / brooche / pouch embellishment.

The Cute Lil' Cub

Size : 7cm x 6cm (3" x 2.5")

As usual, you can choose the colors that you wanted (if you don't want this color). This sample can be turned into your keychain / handphone charm / brooche / pouch embellishment. This time, it is also resizable! :-)

Interested ? Do email me at

Thursday, February 11, 2010



i'm looking into expanding this so-called blog into a blogshop soon, inshaALLAH. so, i might be doing a giveaway / freebies later.

will update this to you soon :-)

- mommy icha -

..New York Hotel, JB

hi gals & guys!

i'm currently in JB now, following my hubby here for site survey. so, i'm actually off-duty for two days from my crafting stuff.

now, i'm just doing some browsing and brainstorming on my next felt projects (yeah! the creativity grows each day babe!)

can't wait to reach home! i missed all my felt kits there!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Purple Bear Keychain

Purple Bear Keychain is waiting to be adopted. Color is choosable (if you don't want the Purple Bear, can request for other color). Can also be remaked into handphone strap/ brooch, as per request.

Size : 1" x 1.5"

Interested? Email me at

Baby Block Felt Pincushion

This Baby Block Pincushion is completed and is available to grab. can also be remaked. Color is choosable.

Interested? Email me at

My Needle Book

It is already 70% completed, I guess. I wanna add some blanket stiches around the edges later.

Monday, February 8, 2010

...felt project in progress : My Sewing Kits

These two projects are still in progress.

My Needle Book

I'm using my scrapped felt to create this simple needle book/ needle case. That's why it is a bit colorful. Still thinking the most decorative and creative way to embellish it.

My Baby Block Pincushion

At first, I wanna have those bottle-cap pincushion, but all the bottle caps are so small :-). I can't resist having a very small pincusion huhu. I haven't completed the sewing part yet.

Petite Yellow Amigurumi Handphone Strap

This handphone strap is available for remake. Can also be a brooch and a keychain, as per request. Colour is also choosable.

Interested? Do email me at

The Confuse Inverted Triangle Keychain

This keychain is available to grab and remake. Colour is choosable. Can also be a brooch or a handphone strap.

Interested? Do email me at

Friday, February 5, 2010

sketch of the handphone pouch

From left to right:
  1. the front look with the cover open - can put name on it
  2. i'm not sure whether it is a puppy or a bear or a kitten yet
  3. back cover - with a pocket maybe

Any foam sheet tutorials available?

Earlier this week, I was mesmerized by a new product at Tamu JajaKraf - the colourful foam sheet. As per my readings, it is the materials she used for the alphabets that she puts on her lovely headband. Besides, I also bought a few stuff. You may refer to my picture above.

Hurmm.. instead of turn them into those alphabets, what else can I do with it? Come on Tina, be creative! I also request from your help - any tutorials would be very good for me.

Thank you :-)

some new creations - a warming up

Hye everybody!
Alhamdulillah..I managed to do some warming up today for my felt craft. however, i still don't have the inspirations to accomplish my to-do-list :-)
Here we go, three felt crafts for today (this week actually).

  • a happy cupcake pendrive case

  • a hungry yellow star keychain

  • my so-called trialed strawberry (not so yummy yet!)

The Happy Cupcake Pendrive Case
Actually, I was planning to make a handphone pouch for me, but it turned out to be a bit smaller in size. Then I decided to change the design, put some keychain on the top-right corner, and voila, it became a pendrive case.
I also think this case is suitable to be a coin case too.

Size : 5.5 cm x 10.5 cm

Not So-Yummy (yet) Strawberry

Owh! This is only a trial. I found a few tutorials from the internet on strawberry felt. Hurmm..I'm not sure this one is from which is which tutorial. I'll try to update again later. 
As the owner, I'm not fully satisfied with this strawberry, especially on the green top shape and the tiny seeds stiching. 

Size : 2.0 cm
The Hungry Yellow Star Keychain
My cute star is hungry! Look at the back of it :P The tummy was poke inside so that he won't feel the hunger. 
This is only a simple keychain creation. So, I won't comment much on him.

Size : 4.0 cm (diameter)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Video tutorials from kwerner's

dear all...

i will be off to johor for one day tomorrow. so, i don't think i can make it to update my handmade crafty stuff. please forgive me for this :-)

as a replacement, do enjoy a video tutorial on handmade greeting cards from kristina werner. i adore her so much!

see you on thursday!!
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