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Sunday, January 31, 2010

i'm off until tuesday

dear pals..

i'm currently in my hometown, spending my weekend with my family. i will update on tuesday :-)

p/s : oh! by the way, yesterday, i managed to buy a couple of dmc thread, some sweet buttons and beads. all for my felt craft. (but i really forgot to buy my handphone strap and crafter ruler)

to be continued..

Friday, January 29, 2010

hubby's new iPod pouch in progress


as promised, i wanna upload my felt project latest by yesterday. however, due to some contraints, i'm so sorry that i posted this entry late.

so pals, this is my latest felt project - an iPod pouch. it is for my hubby. 100% handmade. i was so excited doing all the measuring, cutting and sewing yesterday :-). the sewing is not neat enough yet, i guess. but it is still okey for a newbie like me.

this iPod pouch design is quite complicated. still, i need to finalized it (maybe today). i need to cut the holes for the earphones and iPod cable, i need to do some blanket stiching around the cover and some decorations.

ahh..! and one more. actually, the size is a bit bigger since i used the size of the previous iPod pouch., and actually it is a surprise for my hubby. so, i'm gonna redo the measuriing again.

p/s : i also plan to do another iPod pouch which is simpler in design.

my to-do list : 290110

  1. new iPod pouch for hubby - 70% done 
  2. a handphone case for my handphones - no idea yet! i wanna make something cute for myself ;-) 
  3. some felt appliques - embellishment 
  4. my baby pillow (recycled from my old-thorned pillow) 
  5. a pincushion - 3" x 3" (planned to do a simple one first)
  6. right header banner for this blog - 468 x 15
  7. anybody wanna featured their ads here ? banner size - 125 x 125

due date : 7 february 2010 - is it possible? i'm hoping so...

ahh! i dun think my felt stock is enough. i need to buy some more...

ealier felt crafts

amongst my earlier felt crafts.

handphone strap - scary pink star

embellishment - red flower petal

undecided - brave heart with cute bunny

actually, there is another one missing - a hairclip. i will try to upload the picture later.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy Mode

Ahh..! I still don't have the time to update this blog for my crafty things :( However, just some quick updates, yesterday I did managed to prepare the templates for my felties project.

I have done some basic shapes as a beginning - such as the hearts, pandas and stars shapes. Plus, I did tried to have my very own personalized characters. I will try to update the pictures latest by tomorrow since I just exchanged my camera phone with my hubby :-)

Today's project :
  • new iPod pouch for hubby - template done
  • a handphone case for my handphones - no idea yet! i wanna make something cute for myself ;-)
  • some felt appliques - embellishment
  • my baby pillow (recycled from my old-thorned pillow)
  • a pincushion
Oh! There's a new blogshop on the block which I already adores the stuff there. I have planned also to buy some craft materials from there too. Kindly please visit Tamu Jajakraf for details.

:: tina ::

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i've done with the template first

hello readers!

welcome to another piece of me - - a place where i would wanna share all my thoughts and opinions and practicals on crafting stuff. owh! shall we begin with felt craft and card-making thingy?

okies so i will upload more pictures later. the template is already good enough for me so far, i guess. oh well, this is not a blogshop (unlike my other blog : The Happy Housewife Blogshop ) - yet. i haven't decided so because my major target here is, to enhance my crafting skills first.

i'll update more later. please welcome me into the world of arts & crafting!!

:: tina ::
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