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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dancing Monster Keychain

Yes dear friends! Another monster for the day :-). This time I have this cute-blue-dancing-monster as a keychain. Let's have exactly the same monster's design, but with different function.

Size : 2.5" x 2.0"
Code : KC0001
Price : RM5.50

Interested? Do email me at or kindly fill up the Order Form below.

The Happy Monster Bookmark

This green-happy-monster-bookmark is my latest creation. Ealier, I planned to make a keychain, but it ended up to be a bookmark. It is still cute right?

Size : 2.5" x 2.0"
Code : BM0001
Price : RM5.00

Interested? Do email me at or kindly fill up the Order Form below.

p/s : the above bookmark is for my personal use, it shall be remake upon request.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Quilter's Bag Giveaway!


since i've already done with my maternity & confinement packing thingy, so i would like to add another giveaway to for today. (i guess i'm done with giveaways today)

the goodies consist of :

3 yards of Large Half Circle ribbons from American Crafts Premium Ribbon, 3 Fat Quarters ( 2 x Calico, 1 x Susan Winget), 4 assorted sizes of flower buttons and 1 Family Living Simply Delicious Chocolate recipe book!

awesome! aren't they? i heart those cupcakes fat quarters and ribbons already.

so, here's the rule to to join in this giveaway.

giveaway already begin on 21 march till 29 march 2010. winners then will be announced on the April 1, 2010.


Cute & Yummy : FabuLOVE Giveaway

Owh! This is what I called myself "i-am-suddenly-mad-about-those-cute-stuff-in-their-giveaway" thingy. Okies, here we go, one more GA for today before I'm gonna recheck my maternity packed stuff in the luggage.

(click this link if you wanna know more..)

the treats :p
the close-up of the GA treats..hehe

How to join?
This giveaway will close on 21 April, 6 pm(KL time) and the winner will be announce on 22 April 2010.


LvBeii : The Very First Giveaway

Hye! Hye! Hye!

Two more weeks to go before I'm gonna deliver this lil' princess inside. I've been very exhausted lately, so that I couldn't come out much with my crafty thingings update.

Actually, I've gone thru' this GA treats from LvBeii two, three days ago, but only today I feel free to do it. Owh Beii! I really want those fabrilicious cotton flannel for my lil' princess ;-)

So dear readers/ visitors, our dear Beii is very kind to treat us with these awesome freebies, as below. There will be two GA packs - for crafters & for non-crafters.

owh! aren't we yummy?? :p

Simple rules for us to be counted in this GA

  1. Leave a comment stating why you want the GA pack and which pack (supplies/ handmade) would you like to take back at the end of the day

  2. Make sure you leave your email so that Beii can contact you when you win, or just make sure your email is stated somewhere in your blog if you linked your blog instead.

  3. Be a follower to Beii's blog (optional) and get an extra mysterious gift if you win.  
2 lucky winners will be picked on April 1st,2010 (don't worry,this is not an April Fool joke) which is on the next Thursday at 5pm (Malaysia Time)

oh please..if you wanna have fun too, do click on this link to participate in this GA

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Order : Business Card Holder

This purple business card holder is an order from Siti Norzaihan. Actually, she was interested with my needlecase, but she requested me to alter the needlebook to be a business card holder.

This business card holder consist of three pages with six pockets inside. Siti chosed her own color and requested to put her name "CT" on the cover. I used a velcro tape instead of shank button to close the cover and make it look neater.

I will send this business card holder together with red heart handphone charm as a freebie for Siti. Thanks Siti!

Size : 3.5" x 4.5"
Price : RM15.00

Interested? Do email me at or fill up the Order Form below.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Lovely Parcel Giveaway Finally Arrived!!

Alhamdulillah..after a week of waiting, finally my giveaway freebies from arrived.

I really don't know what had happened to the Pos Malaysia lately. It seems like they delayed everything :( ..and actually, I still have another parcel in queue, waiting to reach me.

So, here we go...the stuff that I received from Sarah! So sweet and lovely! I feel like I don't wanna get 'em out of their packaging..hihihi.

The above picture are all those candies ; buttons, confetties, ribbons, appliques etc. The below picture then is the mystery gift - a lovely frame embellished with all those super-fancy-and-cute-buttons!

 For my dear visitors, feel free to visit Sara's blog at She has bulk of handmade stuff you are looking for there! :-)

Thanks Sara! I heart you (^-^)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nurell's Craft First Giveaway

My baby already achieved her full term this week! Ohhh..I really, really can't wait to see the cute lil' face that inpired me to join this world of craft. Mmuahhs..!

Okies. Maybe I am very busy doing the preparation for my baby, so I can't update much on sewing & crafting. So here we go, another giveaway to go - Nurell's Craft First Giveaway. I am so in love with those crafting thingings displayed below so that I wanna join this giveaway.

Here is the link for the giveaway:

Simple rules to join.
  • Be Nurell's Craft blog's Follower - Done
  •  Post about this giveaway in my blog / fb / website. Link back to the post - Done
  • Leave a comment in Nurell's Craft giveaway entry together with your entry link - Done
The yummies giveaway freebies:

•1/2 meter of blue-heart Grossgrain ribbon
•1/2 meter of pink-heart Satin ribbon
•a dozen of oval cream buttons
•a pack of sweet buttons
•5 pairs of colourful glitter hairclips
•1 crocheted flower Brooch
•1 wooden butterfly HP Straps (Psst..100% Handmade from Jogja-we are prime distributor for Sabah region)
•1 small butterfly wooden pin (Psst..100% Handmade from Jogja-we are prime distributor for Sabah region)
•Felted cupcake

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cute Panda Flowered Handphone Pouch

Dear All,

My presentation for today :-)

One new handphone pouch. I sew a cute panda cartoon on this handphone pouch to embellish it. This handphone pouch is sew using double-felt since the flowered-felt outside is very soft, so the black-colored felt inside will add protection to the handphone, beside add more strenght to it.

This time, I used a snapped-button on this pouch so that you can close this pouch.

Dimension : 3.5" x 5.0"
Price : RM7.00

Interested? Do email me at OR PM me at +60192819886 OR just fill up the Order Form below.

Cheers! (^-^)

Latest Needlebook Creation

My latest needlebook creation - neater and simpler and cuter.

She has three pages inside her, with colorful and overlapped felt sew together. This time, she's stronger. I just used a simple button with ribbon to close her.

This needlebook will come together with four plain buttons sew at the third page. You can also choose the felt color :-)

Dimensions : 4.0" x 5.0"
Price : RM9.00 (excluding postage fee)

Interested? Do email me at OR PM me at +60192819886 OR just fill up the Order Form below.

Latest Collections of Cute Lil' Cub

The White Haired Cute Lil' Cub Handphone Charm

Isn't he cute with those white hairs? I sew this medium size lil' cub to embellish your handphone. This time, he smiles!

Dimension : 3.0" x 2.5"
Price : RM3.50 (excluding postage fee)

The Pinky Cute Lil' Cub Keychain

Hehehe..I just FORGOT to put the split ring there ok? But this lil' Miss Pinky reallly can't wait for someone to adopt her. Hurry up!

Dimension : 3.0" x 2.5"
Price : RM3.50 (excluding postage fee)

As usual, my products are available to remake and customize upon your request.

Interested? Do email me at OR PM me at +60192819886 OR just fill up the Order Form below.

Cheers! (^-^)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cute Alien Handphone Pouch

Finally I have managed to accomplished this handphone pouch! (^-^)

Let's call her The Cute Alien Handphone Pouch. She has the dimensions of 3.5" x 5.0". Suits most of the latest handphone models, and also iPhone. With a masculine color of black, I soften the look with a cute alien there! Hehehe...

See? Isn't she cute? My Nokia Express Music 5800 acted as her model in those pictures above.

Available to grab now! Hurry up! But, she's also available to remake shall you wish to have this pouch in another color, and also wish to have your name on it! For felt colors, please refer to this entry.

Price : RM6.50 (excluding postage fee)

Interested? Email me at OR PM me at +60192819886 OR just fill up the Order Form below.

Cheers (^-^)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sararisa Giveaway 2010

dear friends,

this is the first time ever is joining a giveaway. since i am so attracted to the goodies offered by sararisa, so i decided to join her giveaway.

sararisa is organising this giveaway in conjuction of her 6th wedding anniversary this year! yippie! may ALLAH bless both of you until in the jannah dear..ameen.

okies, simple instructions on how to be eligible to participate in her giveaway.
  • add sararisa-craft in your bloglist and be the Follower - Done
  • copy the above picture, post a special entry about this giveaway and leave sararisa-craft link - Done
  • leave your comment at her giveaway link (click here) - Done
  • closing date on 11 march 2010 at 8 pm
amongst the goodies :-)

~ 60++ fancy button
~ 1 set love sticker
~ 3 set wooden heart shape
~ 20pc satin flower
~ alphabet confetti
~ love confetti
~ flower shape sequin
~ 2 pc butterfly memo clip
~ 15pc assorted eva foam applique
~ lace border flower
~ 2pc love cross stitch
~ 1 pc love applique
~ a mystery gift!!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank You Button Planet Enterprise!! :-)

Ahh..! I am so happy :-)

Received my pack already! The Novelty Neutron Buttons - Bright from Button Planet Enterprise. An eye-candy for you again hihihi (since I haven't posted an updates of my felties yet currently). Actually, I should received the packed yesterday but the post office has mistakenly sent 'em to Subang Jaya instead of Shah Alam :P

Yeahh.. I also received two packs of complimentary gifts from them. TQVM! ..oh yes! The one of the left handside is my new pincushion.

Let's have a closer look at those buttons. So yummy!! I have so many ideas in my mind right now.

Again, thanks lots for the superb service from you, Button Planet. I'm sure will buy from you again (at least for my collection hiks hiks ).

Felt Suppliers

Dearest All,

Shall you are looking for felt suppliers on the net, you can click one of the links below. I guaranteed you that all of  'em will give you a superb service! I just put a few blogshop first, the one that are currently actively operating (coz I always see 'em in my Top 10 Crafts Shops Updates). However, you can expand the list (click Show All) to see more suppliers :-)

Besides selling the felt fabrics, those blogshops also sells variety of craft supplies, such as buttons (for button, I normally go to Button Planet Enterprise), keyrings, split rings, threads, foam sheet, etc.

I'll try to update the list from time to time! Happy Crafting!!! :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Felt colors to make your orders

Dear All,

As my products are available to remake, herewith I attached the current available felt colors in my stock.
  • you can choose amongst the designs that I already updated here
  • you can request your own design, just email me at
  • state the felt color of your choice
click on picture to enlarge

Terms and Conditions

Dearest All,

Please carefully read the guidelines below before you proceed with your orders. I shall be updating this guidelines from time to time if necessary :-)

Thanks! :-)

- mommy icha -


Terms & Conditions 
  1. All items listed here are 100% handmade. Unless stated otherwise.
  2. Goods sold are not exchangeable nor refundable.
  3. There may be slight differences in the look and color of the item due to the lighting of pictures taken.
  4. The price stated does not include postage fee.
  5. We will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by the local postal services.
  6. For bulk order, please request at least 2 weeks before.
  7. Important : We will only prepare the items once payment is done


The Orders Guidelines

Dearest All,
Please carefully read the guidelines below before you proceed with your orders. I shall be updating this guidelines from time to time if necessary :-)

Thanks! :-)

- mommy icha -


How to order?
  1. First, select the products of your choice from the 'Categories' list on the left handside of this blog.
  2. Second, carefully fill up the Order Form at the bottom of the post.
  3. Optionally, you may also email us with the following details for orders ( Full Name | Email | Handphone No. | Mailing Address | Product Type ; Code ; Design | Method of Payment)
  4. Once submitted, we will entertain you via email on the account number and shipment method
  5. The products will be delivered to you once payment is done.
- CIMB or Maybank
- Whether you are transferring the payment via online or ATM, please keep the transaction receipt to be attached in your email confirmation.

Shipment and Postage Fee
- Items will be posted out on every Thursday.
- All price stated is excluding the postage fee. We will quote all in the email. Below is the rate for the postage fee.
  • Domestic Post (RM1.00 - RM2.00)
  • Pos Ekspres (RM3.50 - RN6.50)
  • PosDaftar (RM3.00 and above)
  • PosLaju (RM6.00 and above)
- Postage fee is depends on weight and type of products.
- We will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by the local postal services.
- We will update the Tracking Number in blog for reference.

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